Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is an accomplished financial professional with extensive experience in domestic and cross-border transactions spanning numerous sectors. He has advised and analyzed companies ranging from early-stage startups to multibillion dollar public companies.

Prior to joining Roadmap, Jeremy led a small M&A team focused on cross-border transactions in emerging markets. Prior to that, Jeremy worked for U.Group, where he created the Trusted Capital Marketplace, a Private Equity/Venture Capital initiative by the Department of Defense. Prior to that, Jeremy worked at Citigroup as a Latin American focused equities analyst. Jeremy started his career as an officer in the Navy where he deployed to the Baltic Sea, the Horn of Africa, and Iraq.

Jeremy is an angel investor in the EdTech, Consumer, and AgTech sectors.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Master of Arts in International Affairs from Catholic University, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.