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Roadmap to Exit

Food & Beverage CEO Mastermind Group

Don’t go it alone!

Join peer food & bev CEOs in implementing best practices:

  • Product-market fit
  • Company performance KPIs
  • Product branding
  • Financial forecasts
  • Hiring top talent
  • Working with brokers
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Sales & marketing efforts
  • Finding & managing investors
  • USDA/FDA/SQF quality standards
  • Regulatory and compliance
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Are you an entrepreneur looking to sell in the next two to five years?

Did you know that starting your preparation process years in advance can have a significant impact on your valuation?  The average spread between the lowest and highest offer in a blind auction is 250%+.  You get the most for your business when you prepare.  Preparing for sale before you’re ready–its uncomfortable. Its awkward. It requires doing things that your employees might question. It also makes you millions of dollars more.

Having worked with hundreds of business owners in the lead-up to their sale, we’ve seen it all–incorrect financials, undisclosed liabilities, problem employees, contracts that aren’t transferrable, negative due diligence findings, etc…  It got us thinking– what if we could help businesses up to 5 years in advance?  Not just getting everything in order, but helping position a company as a truly “best in class” seller.  A situation were every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed…  Management team is prepped, and the company is perceived as worthy of an outsized (overpaid) valuation.

This is where Roadmap to Exit comes in: a program designed to let you tip the scales in favor. Led by a team of investment bankers experienced in selling your business, and supported by a collaborative team of peers (other CEOs of similar-sized food & beverage businesses).  Everyone is pre-vetted and approved, with no competing businesses in the same group.

We meet as a group once per month, and check-in with Roadmap more frequently than that.  We invite high-cost experts and advisors and no cost to you, and help you lay the foundation for a sale above and beyond your peers.

Peer Group

Meet monthly with a group of your peers: other CEOs of food & beverage companies looking to grow their businesses prior to selling.

1-1 CEO Coaching

Meet one-to-one with an executive coach to process issues, discuss goals, and be held accountable to action items.

Expert Speakers

Invite-only events with expert speakers who have helped businesses cross the threshold to a successful sale.

Value Building

Structured system to cover key areas of value creation prior to sale: financials, operations, reporting, sales, industry and transaction.

How it Works

Why Join The Group?

Pricing & Sign Up


$1M – $5M in revenue


per month


$5M – $10M in revenue


per month


$10M – $20M in revenue


per month


$20M – $200M in revenue


per month

All plans require a one-time registration fee of $1,250.

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